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Bubble Baseball:


 A fun variation of kickball. Players kick the ball and try to make it around the bases. Catching team players must first touch the ball before they are allowed to move and then run to knock down the runners before they get to each base.

Regular Bubbleball Soccer:

Kick-off – the ball will be placed in the center of the field, and teams line up along their goal line. When the whistle blows, teams may run to the ball for possession. This will occur every time a goal is scored.


Ball in Bubble – If the ball lands in a bubble, play will stop and the ball retrieved. The referee will then conduct a “drop ball” with one member from each team.


Drop Ball – 1 player from each team will stand 5 yards away from the ball, as the ball hits the ground each player may charge towards the ball to retrieve it.

The Bubble Smash: 


A straightforward game where two players must enter into a ring with their inflatable bubbles. Players have to try to force the other party out of the ring in order to win. Similar to Sumo wrestling. 

The Bubble Rumble:


Similar to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), players enter the ring at every interval to battle out for the last man standing to win the crown title.

Last Bubble Ball Standing:


Play is started with a whistle. All players fend for themselves. If you get knocked off your feet, you must head to the sideline until the next round. The final Bubble ball left on their feet wins!



One player from the first team is selected to be the V.I.P and the rest of the team acts as bodyguards protecting him all the way to the other side of the field. Team two of course is then trying to knock the V.IP. to the ground before he/she can get there. If team one gets the V.IP. across the field safely they get a point. However, if team one fails then team 2 gets the point. That means no round goes without a point. The catch is if team one fails, then team two goes on offense (i.e picks a V.I.P.) from their team. Rounds are timed (5 minutes).