Welcome to Urban Bubbleball, the providers of some of the best bubble soccer games in Houston. Here at Urban Bubbleball, we have everything you need to make a birthday party an event no one will ever forget. We also provide some of the best team building games as well as entertainment for corporate events or work parties. Normally in our blog, we’d be going over some of the best uses of bubbleball as well as fun games you can play with the inflatable bubbles you can find here at Urban Bubbleball. However, in today’s blog, we thought we’d introduce ourselves a bit and go over some of the services we can provide, as well as help you understand what bubble soccer is.

Who is Urban Bubbleball?

Urban Bubbleball offers some of the best entertainment for kids of all ages, teens, and even adults. We offer a means of letting off a little steam in a fun and safe way. Not only that, but our bubble games will give you a great work out and a whole afternoon of fun with friends, family, or coworkers. Here at Urban Bubbleball, we can bring the fun and games to you. Our bubbleball experts will bring all of the equipment you need to have a fun time, all you’ll need is an open area and some athletic gear (a little water is a great idea too). We’ll then help you and everyone in your group understand the rules of each game and act as referees to make sure everyone plays by the rules.

What is Bubbleball?

Have you seen the videos of people playing soccer while in those giant inflatable hamster ball things? Well that’s bubbleball! Made from a soft and durable plastic and reinforced with elastic chords, our bubbleballs help make a regular game of soccer even more fun. Simply slide the bubbleball over your shoulders and strap in like a backpack. The bubbleball covers the top half of the body, protecting your head, neck and back from impact. And believe us, there is going to be some impact. Bubbleball is designed to be a physical game with lots of bumping, bouncing, jumping, and checking. But if you find yourself falling backwards, don’t worry. Simply tuck your legs up and let the bubbleball cushion your impact.

While bubble soccer certainly is one of our more popular games, we also have several other bubbleball sports that you can choose from to highlight your party or get together. No matter what kind of sports you’re interested in, you can find a fun game here at Urban Bubbleball that you’ll love. Here are some of the fun bubble sports you can find here at Urban Bubbleball:

Bubble Baseball

A twist on the classic game of kickball, bubble baseball takes this classic and turns up the fun just a bit. “Batting” players kick the ball like normal kickball, but the “catching” team has to touch the kickball before they can get the opposing team members out by knocking them off their feet. Bases, strikes, and outs are in place just like regular kickball and baseball.


Somewhat similar to tag and red rover, the game of VIP sees one team name someone as the VIP. Everyone else on the team acts as bodyguards to try and protect the VIP and get them from one end of the field to the other. If the VIP does this, then that team gets a point. However, if the other team knocks the VIP over before they reach the other side of the field, then they get a point and then get to appoint their own VIP to try and score. Every round sees a point awarded, and each round is timed at five minutes each.

The Bubble Smash

Similar to sumo wrestling, this game has two players enter a ring. Both are tasked with pushing the other out of the ring, and the round doesn’t end until someone is outside of the circle. There are two ways to play Bubble Smash: king of the hill style, where one person keeps playing until they’re knocked out, or tournament style where the overall winner is the last person standing.

If you’re looking for bubble soccer in Houston, the Urban Bubbleball has everything you need to have a fun time. Learn more about our bubbleball company, see what kind of bubble sports we have, or contact Urban Bubbleball to schedule your party today.